Who Are We

Our History

Village United Methodist Church was the very first church to be established in Hot Springs Village.  Of the wonderful amenities found in those early days in the village, a church was not among them!   Early residents drove to town for worship services.

On July 29, 1973, a meeting was held in the community room of the Calella Fire Station to establish a United Methodist Church in Hot Springs Village.  Thirty-one people joined the new church that same day!  Many others soon followed.

Since then, the village has grown abundantly, and Village UMC has grown as well.  By 1984, with two services and a completed building addition, the church was bursting at the seams.  At the 1984 Annual Conference, Village UMC declared their full support to establish a second United Methodist Congregation in the village.  Four years later in January 1988, 27 members of Village UMC formed Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church on Balearic Road.

It was a joyous year for members of Village UMC!  Not only had they seen the birth of a second United Methodist Church, but it was also the year that 16 breathtaking stained glass windows were unveiled in the sanctuary of Village UMC.  These windows had been designed and created by twenty talented members of the church using 3,554 pieces of stained glass.  The windows depicted the four seasons of God’s World and had taken 7,000 hours and nearly a year to complete.  It was truly a labor of love we still enjoy today.

Reflective of the village’s continued growth, membership at Village UMC and at Christ of the Hills UMC continued to rise, it was evident a third UMC was needed in the village.  Again, the United Methodists of Hot Springs Village pledged support for the establishment of a new third church.  On Easter Sunday, 1999, that dream became a reality when Mountainside United Methodist Church was launched at the East gate.

Since 1973, Village UMC has remained resilient and has continued to evolve and flourish through losses, cultural changes, and joyful growth.  Pastors and members with vision, purpose, and resolve have woven its history and ministry.  We embrace our connection to our sister churches and our denomination.  Our current pastor, the Reverend Chris Hemund continues to lead the church from its past into the future.

We are dedicated to expanding  our outreach in the community; taking specific actions to connect all generations in a Spirit filled church by honoring our past while preparing for the future.

Our vision is quite simple:  to connect people to God and one another, to grow spiritually and to share Christ in all that we do.

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